Buying Your First Pinball Machine? Know These Two Things

Have you always wanted to buy a pinball machine, but feel a bit overwhelmed with all of the different types of pinball machines out there? If so, it will help to know the following recommendations from Old Town Pinball to help guide your selection.

Know About The Differences Between Pinball Machine Models

There are actually different tiers of pinball machines out there. The base machines are going to be what you find at most arcades, and they are at a great starting price point for those that want a pinball machine. The tables are going to be quite basic with limited toys for the pinballs to interact with, but still offer a solid experience. 

Premium models are going to have more toys and features that you don't see in your base tables. For example, there may be an underworld playfield that is like a mini pinball table that is in a hard to reach area of the table. You'll also find limited edition tables, which are the most expensive of the tiers available. As the name implies, these are sought after by collectors due to them being numbered and made in limited quantities. They may be entirely new machines, or modified visions of premium models.

Know About New And Used Pinball Machine Differences

You may be on the fence about whether you want a new or used pinball machine. While your gut may want to go with a new machine, know that there are a few differences to consider. While a new machine is going to have no cosmetic damage or wear and tear, making it a much more reliable machine overall, know that you are only going to find the latest pinball machines. You may not like the themes that are currently being made today or the modern licenses. It's important that the machine not only holds up, but plays well with a theme that you like.

Used pinball machines open up your options to many of the classic machines that you may have played when you were younger. It may be nice to have a more simplistic pinball experience that gives the machine more playability over time with more endearing branding, toys, and features. The machines themselves can also be cheaper overall, giving you much better value for your money. However, be prepared to perform some repairs to the machine over time, and that there can be wear and tear if the machine was used commercially in the past. 

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Have you always wanted to buy a pinball machine, but feel a bit overwhelmed with all of the different types of pinball machines out there? If so, it w

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