The Benefits of Using a Controller Area Network to Wire Your Electronics

Are you in the business of making complex electronics for industrial businesses or perhaps a device intended for use by the automotive or medical industries? If so, you likely already know that creating your electronics as efficiently as possible can help you secure new clients and add to your bottom line. If you are still creating complex electronics that require multiple wires to be run throughout each device, there may a better way. Today, more and more electronics manufacturers are turning to CAN to get the job done more efficiently than ever before.

Here's what a Controller Area Network is and how using a CAN controller for your devices can benefit your business.

One Wire to Rule Them All

If your electronic devices need to connect multiple parts, you might currently be running multiple wires across the device internals to make sure the right signal can get to wherever it needs to go. But with a CAN controller, all of this additional wiring is no longer necessary. A CAN setup offers a centralized way to connect multiple components with each component being connected to the centralized wire. Essentially, when one component needs information, it can connect to your CAN controller and the CAN will re-route the signal to wherever it needs to go.

Reduce Costs By Reducing Your Wiring

Once you have a centralized CAN system set up, you can dramatically reduce the amount of wiring you are using in each product you create. Because you only need to wire each component into the CAN instead of making sure that every component is hard-wired into every other component, you will dramatically reduce the amount of wiring your company needs to purchase for its products. Yes, setting up your CAN controller will cost money in research, development, and then assembly but once you are up and running, the cost savings will quickly become evident.

Cleaner Internals May Make Your Products More Desirable

By setting up a CAN controller that offers centralized connections for multiple components across one wire, the internals of all of your products or devices will become more efficient and "clean." If you are selling these components to someone in say, the automotive or medical field who will then make additional customizations to your product, providing a cleaner setup with fewer wires could make your product more desirable for your clients and give you an edge over your competition. 

Contact a provider of CAN controllers today for more information. 

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