Four Thermal Camera Buying Tips

If you need to see heat signatures as a part of your work, thermal imaging cameras will be necessary. You might have used these cameras before, but when you're responsible for purchasing them yourself, you need to be smart about the type of instruments you get. Consider these thermal camera features and qualities whenever you're in the market for a thermal camera.

Temperature Range

Of course, these cameras detect and display heat, or thermal energy. For best results, a wide temperature range is vital when you're getting this kind of camera. A wide range will allow you to use the camera for more applications, which could mean more work or money for you. However, the wider the temperature range, the more costly cameras can become. Think about the bulk of your work, and seek a camera with the widest range possible.

Image Outputs

There will be times when you need to share the thermal images with others, such as clients. If you detect a problem with a structure while using your camera, you'll need to save camera images to show others. Be sure that your camera will be able to export its images easily using software many others use, instead of proprietary image types that will need to be converted first.

Batteries and Accessories

Your thermal imaging camera will require a battery. Some are rechargeable, while some will need to be replaced after time. To simplify things, you may seek out cameras that have batteries which are easier to find and purchase in your area rather than needing to be special-ordered. However, if you do select a camera with a proprietary battery that will need to be ordered and waited upon, know what the ordering process is like and keep that in mind. You may even want to get another battery when you first get the imaging camera.

You'll also want to evaluate the lens that comes with different cameras. Remember that you can often attach better lenses, so you'll want to consider those additional costs when deciding which camera to get.

Demos and Rentals

Being able to try different cameras or use different models for different work projects can sometimes be useful. Contact camera manufacturers and retailers to see if you can experiment with or rent some cameras before determining that you'll invest in them.

With these thermal camera shopping tips, your final selections will enhance your work. Discuss your choices with peers, vendors, and others to get more purchasing assistance.

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