4 Accessories To Take Your Surface Laptop To The Next Level

Your laptop is powerful on its own; however, with the right accessories, you can take your laptop to the next level. There are a host of accessories that are made specifically for the Microsoft Surface laptop that you can use to enhance the experience of your laptop.

#1 Surface Pens

One of the great things about a Microsoft Surface laptop is that not only is it a laptop, it is also a touch screen device. You can use it more like a laptop, or more like a tablet. The keyboard can bend around flexibly, and you can set it up in different viewing positions. This makes a Surface pen a great accessory. With a Surface pen, you can write and draw on your computer. If you like to do a lot of digital design, the studio mode is perfect for that experience.

#2 Surface Dial

If you want to use a Surface pen, you are also going to want to invest in a Surface Dial. It is used together with the pen. With the Surface Dial, you will be able to display a full menu of items that allow you to access tools as you use your pen. For example, you will be able to change the color of the pen or the brush size, manipulate parameters, or rotate vectors. It can even bring up tools such as a ruler on your work surface. If you want to get creative with your Surface computer, the pen and dial are two tools that will help you get there.

#3 Surface Dock

If your Surface laptop is just the start of your computer set-up, a Surface Dock is a great choice. A Surface Dock allows you to connect other peripherals to your laptop. With a Surface dock, you can connect an Ethernet port, an audio jack, USBs and Mini Display Ports.

If you have a home-office set-up, you can connect everything to the dock, and when you bring your laptop over, you can easily connect your laptop to the dock and have your entire set-up running in no time at all.

If you don't need that many connects, you can purchase a USB hub that allows you to connect multiple USB devices to your laptop easily.

#4 Ergonomic Keyboard

If you do a lot of typing on your computer, you are going to want to invest in an ergonomic keyboard. An ergonomic keyboard will help keep your wrists in the right positon and reduce the chances of your developing repetitive stress injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome.

With an ergonomic keyboard, you will put less stress on your hands and protect them from injury. It can take a little while to adjust to an ergonomic keyboard, but once you do, it can be easy and smooth to use.

When you purchase Microsoft Surface laptop accessories, make sure that you are purchasing accessories that will enhance your user experience or help you achieve tasks you do on the computer every day in an easier manner.

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