Accessories That Can Improve Two-Way Radio Communications

Two-way radios can help streamline communication efforts during large events or family outings. The radios themselves are just the first component in your communication plan. The accessories that you pair with your two-way radios can significantly improve the user experience and make it easier to utilize your two-way radios for effective communication in the future.

Invest in these must-have accessories from a place like Waveband Communications to get the most from your digital radios.

1. Aftermarket Batteries

Two-way radios are convenient communication devices because they are portable and can be carried anywhere. This portability is only a benefit if the battery pack powering the radios is capable of keeping a charge, though.

The factory batteries that come with digital two-way radios ma not provide you with the charge you need to maintain portability over an extended period of time. Aftermarket batteries are designed to remain charged for longer periods of time while still maintaining the streamlined look of your two-way radios.

2. Multi-Unit Charger

Although aftermarket batteries can last for quite a while, they will eventually need to be recharged in order to preserve your communication abilities. Charging several two-way radios at once can be challenging if you only have a limited number of electrical outlets available. Invest in a multi-unit charger to help remedy this problem.

A multi-unit charger is an accessory that allows you to keep multiple radios charged simultaneously. You can keep all your two-way radios in the same dock with a multi-unit charger, reducing the likelihood that a radio will become lost while being charged on-site.

3. Headsets

Digital two-way radios are designed to be comfortable to hold in your hand. Unfortunately, there are situations where you need to be able to communicate with others while maintaining use of both hands. Working at a large concert, festival, or other public event could require you to use your hands to direct event goers in the right direction.

Headsets can be paired with your two-way radios to make them hands-free. Having each radio user wear a headset will ensure maximum mobility while maintaining a clear line of communication at all times.

Investing in two-way radios is a great way to address on-site communication needs. These radios serve a valuable purpose, and the addition of the right accessories can make them even more convenient. Consider adding an aftermarket battery, a multi-unit charger, and headsets to your two-way radios to improve communication between you and your team members in the future.

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