It's All In The Lift: How To Prevent Problems With Your Industrial Lifts

If your business relies on industrial equipment, such as aerial lifts or scissor lifts, you can't afford to have them malfunction. The last thing you need is to have your equipment malfunction while the lift is extended. To maintain the stability of your equipment, and protect your employees, it's crucial that you create a maintenance routine that will ensure proper care of your aerial lifts and scissor lifts. Here are four steps that your employees should follow.

Check the Fluids

When it comes to protecting your equipment, it's crucial that your crew check fluid levels on a weekly basis. The fluid check should include the oil, hydraulic fluid, brake fluid, and any other required fluid that is used for your equipment. In addition to those weekly fluid inspections, it's important that your crew know to check the fuel levels on a daily basis.

Conduct Daily Inspections

If your equipment is used on a daily basis, it should be inspected on a daily basis. This will ensure that minor issues are identified before they turn into more serious problems. Some of the items that should be inspected include the tires, battery power, lift operation, and gears. It's also important that you conduct a daily inspection of the brake system and safety gear. Your crew should never begin operating the equipment until it has been properly inspected.

Protect the Joystick

When it comes to operating an aerial lift of scissor lift, the joy stick is one of the most important pieces of equipment. If it's not working properly, neither will your lift. To avoid problems with operation, it's important that you protect the joystick. Your crew should know how to handle the joystick without causing undo stress on the mechanism. They should also know what to look for when identifying problems with the joystick. Some of the problems they should look for include sticking and non-responsiveness. If your crew encounter problems with their lift joysticks, they should discontinue use until the issue can be resolved. It's important to note that joysticks should be replaced as soon as problems arise. If you find yourself in need of joystick repairs or replacement, visit a site like

Maintain an Accurate Log

If your lifts will have multiple operators, it's important that you maintain accurate logs. Ensuring that each operator provide documentation for the inspections they perform will prevent problems from being overlooked. It will also allow operators the opportunity to maintain communication with each other regarding the equipment that's being shared.

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