Before Using An Extension Cord

Using an extension cord to use all your electronics at once is a great way to safely operate use your home's electricity. However, before you invest in a power cable extension cord or any type of cord, use this guide to assist you.

Don't plug too many items in at once

Even with an extension cord with many plugin options on it, you don't want to over-use the power supply in any given room. Each room has a certain amount of outlets for a reason: the circuits in your home are only designed to sustain a certain amount of electricity.

The living room and kitchen may have more outlets than other spaces (due to the need for more outlets in these commonly-used spaces) so take care when plugging multiple devices in at once. It's best to unplug lamps, clocks, and other items that don't need to be used while using an extension cord in a room.

Don't use a frayed cord

An extension cord that is frayed has been bitten, torn, or has dents in the cord itself should be carefully inspected prior to use. Sometimes the inner wires in a cable extension cord are individually wrapped to protect the user against accidental shock, but many types of cords have exposed live wires inside that can be shocking once a power source is supplied.

If you have a frayed or otherwise damaged power cord, replace the cord with a new one that is not destroyed. You can also wrap cords with electrical tape (the black tape) if the wires inside the cord are intact and not broken or damaged.

Keep your cord away from furniture and floors

When using a power cable extension cord, tape the cord along the length of your wall, leaving only a small amount of cord available for easy plugging in. You don't want to let the cord get near furniture as couch and table legs can smash or constrict a power cord.

Power cords on the floor can pose a tripping hazard. If you do use your power cord on the floor, then tape the cord down on the floor to make it less likely to get stepped on or tripped over. You can also paint an extension cord in a bright or vivid color to make the unit more visible no matter where you place it so people can easily see the cord when it's in use.

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